“We come to Eastport because it is the most inviting and loving group of people we’ve ever attended church with! Pastor Jerry has an amazing way of communicating the message that keeps you wanting to learn more. Our daughters love the ability to learn in Children’s Church and be with children who are also learning more about faith.”
Dan & Lisa
“We appreciate what we would call a family type of atmosphere. We really like how all the ages from infant to elderly mingle together. We really like how all the age groups have a genuine appreciation for each other. I also appreciate the word being preached straight from the Bible.
Stan & Gayle
“We look forward to Sunday, because we grow in our faith with other Christians who love and care for us. We also love our Young Married Fellowship because it is a time to spend with other Christian families our age that can help and encourage us as we balance our work, faith, and family.”
Matt & Sara
“There are so many things we appreciate about Eastport, it’s hard to mention just a few! We appreciate the Bible-based preaching and teaching every Sunday. Also, the church has a strong missions-focused attitude which is back up by a healthy missions giving and by members from the church being sent into the mission field. We love the friendly, welcoming church family. When we joined the church in 2017, the church quickly opened up to us and made us feel a part of this wonderful congregation. We appreciate the multi-generational focus of the church with accompanying ministries to boot! And finally, we are encouraged by the blessings that come with a wonderful, long-serving lead pastor.
Dave & Sook