Give Thanks 2023

A Thanksgiving Passage: Psalm 105:1–11

This psalm calls us to give thanks to our God and tell others about his wondrous works. This is part of missional living, as Jim Desmond shared with us this Sunday. Even with all we’ve gone through the past two months, we have much to be thankful for, and we never want to lose sight of our calling to give thanks to God and tell others why we can be thankful in all circumstances.

Our God has kept his promises, is keeping his promises, and will always keep his promises. In him, we have salvation and new life through Jesus. Let’s remember all the wondrous works the Lord has done, this week, all our lives, and into eternity!

1.    What are some of God’s “wondrous works” we can be thankful for?

2.    What are some promises you’ve seen God keep in your own life?

A Thanksgiving Playlist

Take some time this week, to listen and sing along to some songs that express praise and thanksgiving to our great God. Here’s a suggested Thanksgiving playlist for both YouTube and Spotify.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord, we give thanks to you today that you have saved us and made us new in Jesus. You always keep your promises. You are always faithful and truly good to us. Forgive us for when we doubt your goodness, when we complain and grumble. Help us this week and all our lives to be people of joyful thanksgiving who share the message of the good news with those around us. Be glorified in our family gatherings and time with friends this week. Thank you, Lord for all you are and all you’ve done. Amen.

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