People join us for many reasons. Some come looking for a new church. Some come because they are on vacation or visiting family. Some come because they are searching for answers to life’s toughest questions. Whatever your reason is, we believe that your being here is no accident!
Our Vision
LOVING God and others with our whole hearts, minds and strength, so that we experience Christ through our relationships.
Church is a place where we live, care and grow together through the intergenerational relationships that are built. We also see the church as a safe haven for family living. We believe the church provides the support to help keep families thriving together.
GROWING through personal and corporate worship of God, so that we will come to know Him better.
Central to all that we do is the clear and relevant teaching of the Bible. It is taught in all areas of our church life. Church is also a place where we celebrate the majesty of God in whole-hearted worship. We seek to opportunities to praise God’s name through a variety of music styles, multimedia presentations and engaging sermons to touch the lives and hearts of all ages.
REACHING out to a lost world through acts of gospel-centered generousity, so that others come to know Jesus.
Lost people matter to God, so lost people matter to us. We seek to encourage ever believer to build relationships with those who do not know Christ by providing opportunities to reach out to our community and to our world.