The King Who Is Near

Read Together: Psalm 145

In Psalm 145, David lifts up his voice to praise his God and King. Like Psalm 139, this psalm highlights both God’s transcendence (his otherness) and immanence (his nearness). David praises God as his King whose greatness is unsearchable. His Kingdom is glorious and everlasting. Yet, our King is also near. He is gracious and merciful, and his goodness overflows.

The Lord is a King who upholds the weak, raises those who are falling, provides for the needy, and saves those who cry out to him. He is kind in all of that he does, and he is near to all who call out to him. These are truths to bolster the faith of our hearts. As we walk through a difficult time with the Troyers, we know that the Lord is near to us. He will uphold us. And no matter what, he “is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works” (v. 17).

Discussion Questions

1.    What does it mean that God is transcendent? How is this encouraging?

2.    What does it mean that God is immanent? How is this encouraging?

3.    How should we respond to these truths about God?

Ideas for Younger Kids

  • Read all or portions of Psalm 145 with your children. Discuss with them what it teaches us about who God is. He is our great King who is with us. Talk about ways God is near us.

Memorization: “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18)

Song: Listen to “The Perfect Wisdom of Our God” (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend).

Pray Together

Focus your prayer time together on the following areas:

  • Praise the Lord for his unsearchable greatness and nearness to his people.
  • Confess before God our neediness before him.
  • Pray that God would uphold us as we walk through this season.

Go Together

  • God’s greatness and nearness have practical implications for our lives. It means we should be people of prayer, depending on him to supply our needs. It also means we should be ready to be used of God to be near others in need. As a church family, right now this means we can pray for Pastor Jerry and his family knowing that God hears us and has the ability to answer our prayers. It also means that as opportunity arises, we should be ready to be used of God to support the Troyers in practical ways. Our church leadership will keep our church body informed on ways we can do so in the coming days.
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